Local Modules

The LocalModule object (which binds the WpImplModule C API) provides a way to load PipeWire modules in the WirePlumber process. Instantiating the object loads the module, and when the last reference to the returned module object is dropped, the module is unloaded.


LocalModule(name, arguments, properties[, load_args_from_file])

Loads the named module with the provided arguments and properties (either of which can be nil).

  • name (string) – the module name, such as "libpipewire-module-loopback"

  • arguments (string) – should be either nil or a string with the desired module arguments

  • properties (table) – can be nil or a table that can be converted to WpProperties

  • load_args_from_file – (since 0.4.15) optional. if true, arguments param is treated as a file path to load args from


a new LocalModule

Return type:

LocalModule (WpImplModule)