pub struct CoreInner { /* private fields */ }


Create a new object on the PipeWire server from a factory.

You will need specify what type you are expecting to be constructed by either using type inference or the turbofish syntax.

  • factory_name the name of the factory to use
  • properties extra properties that the new object will have

If factory_name contains a null byte.


One of:

  • Ok(P) on success, where P is the newly created object
  • Err(Error::CreationFailed) if the object could not be created
  • Err(Error::WrongProxyType) if the created type does not match the type P that the user is trying to create

Creating a new link:

use pipewire as pw;


let mainloop = pw::MainLoop::new().expect("Failed to create Pipewire Mainloop");
let context = pw::Context::new(&mainloop).expect("Failed to create Pipewire Context");
let core = context
    .expect("Failed to connect to Pipewire Core");

// This call uses turbofish syntax to specify that we want a link.
let link = core.create_object::<pw::link::Link, _>(
    // The actual name for a link factory might be different for your system,
    // you should probably obtain a factory from the registry.
    &pw::properties! {
        "link.output.port" => "1",
        "link.input.port" => "2",
        "link.output.node" => "3",
        "link.input.node" => "4"
.expect("Failed to create object");

See pipewire/examples/ in the crates repository for a more detailed example.

Destroy the object on the remote server represented by the provided proxy.

The proxy will be destroyed alongside the server side ressource, as it is no longer needed.

Trait Implementations

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

Blanket Implementations

Gets the TypeId of self. Read more
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Returns the argument unchanged.

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of From<T> for U chooses to do.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.