pub unsafe extern "C" fn spa_buffer_alloc_layout_array(
    info: *mut spa_buffer_alloc_info,
    n_buffers: u32,
    buffers: *mut *mut spa_buffer,
    skel_mem: *mut c_void,
    data_mem: *mut c_void
) -> c_int
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Layout an array of buffers

Use the allocation info to layout the memory of an array of buffers.

\a skel_mem should point to at least info->skel_size * \a n_buffers bytes of memory. \a data_mem should point to at least info->mem_size * \a n_buffers bytes of memory.

\param info the allocation info for one buffer \param n_buffers the number of buffers to create \param buffers a array with space to hold \a n_buffers pointers to buffers \param skel_mem memory for the struct \ref spa_buffer \param data_mem memory for the meta, chunk, memory of the buffer if not inlined in the skeleton. \return 0 on success.