pub unsafe extern "C" fn spa_buffer_alloc_layout(
    info: *mut spa_buffer_alloc_info,
    skel_mem: *mut c_void,
    data_mem: *mut c_void
) -> *mut spa_buffer
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Fill skeleton and data according to the allocation info

Use the allocation info to create a struct \ref spa_buffer into \a skel_mem and \a data_mem.

Depending on the flags given when calling \ref spa_buffer_alloc_fill_info(), the buffer meta, chunk and memory will be referenced in either skel_mem or data_mem.

\param info an allocation info \param skel_mem memory to hold the struct \ref spa_buffer and the pointers to meta, chunk and memory. \param data_mem memory to hold the meta, chunk and memory \return a struct \ref spa_buffer in \a skel_mem