pub unsafe extern "C" fn spa_buffer_alloc_fill_info(
    info: *mut spa_buffer_alloc_info,
    n_metas: u32,
    metas: *mut spa_meta,
    n_datas: u32,
    datas: *mut spa_data,
    data_aligns: *mut u32
) -> c_int
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Fill buffer allocation information

Fill \a info with allocation information needed to allocate buffers with the given number of metadata and data members.

The required size of the skeleton (the struct spa_buffer) information and the memory (for the metadata, chunk and buffer memory) will be calculated.

The flags member in \a info should be configured before calling this functions.

\param info the information to fill \param n_metas the number of metadatas for the buffer \param metas an array of metadata items \param n_datas the number of datas for the buffer \param datas an array of \a n_datas items \param data_aligns \a n_datas alignments \return 0 on success.