macro_rules! spa_interface_call_method {
    ($interface_ptr:expr, $methods_struct:ty, $method:ident, $( $arg:expr ),*) => { ... };
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Call a method on a spa_interface.

This needs to be called from within an unsafe block.

The macro always takes at least three arguments:

  1. A pointer to a C struct that can be casted to a spa_interface.
  2. The type of the interfaces methods struct.
  3. The name of the method that should be called.

All additional arguments are added as arguments to the call in the order they are provided.

The macro returns whatever the called method returns, for example an i32, or () if the method returns nothing.


Here we call the sync method on a pipewire_sys::pw_core object.

use pipewire_sys as pw_sys;
use libspa as spa;

struct Core {
    ptr: *mut pw_sys::pw_core

impl Core {
    fn sync(&self, seq: i32) -> i32 {
        unsafe {
                &self.ptr, pw_sys::pw_core_methods, sync, pipewire::core::PW_ID_CORE, seq